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gunwale n : wale at the top of the side of boat; topmost planking of a wooden vessel [syn: gunnel, gun rest]

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From gonnewalle, itself from gonne 'gun' + wale, as it used to support the ship's guns


  1. the top edge of the hull of a nautical vessel, where it meets the deck.
Compare with bulwark.


top edge of the side of a boat


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The gunwale ( "gunnel" to rhyme with "tunnel") is a nautical term describing the top edge of the side of a boat.
Wale is the same word as the skin injury, a weal, which, too, forms a ridge. Originally the gunwale was the "Gun ridge" on a sailing warship. This represented the strengthening wale or structural band added to the design of the ship, at and above the level of a gun deck. It was designed to accommodate the stresses imposed by the use of artillery.
In wooden boats, the gunwale remained, mounted inboard of the sheer strake, regardless of the use of gunnery. In modern boats, it is the top edge of the side where there is usually some form of stiffening.
On a canoe, the gunwale is typically the widened edge at the top of the side of the boat, where the edge is reinforced with wood, plastic or aluminum.
On a rowing boat (especially in sports), the gunwale is sometimes referred to as the saxboard.
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